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Updated: Aug 26, 2020

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Envision, if you will, a map scattered with clusters of Blue Dots and Red Dots. (No, this is not a political-party metaphor. The particular colors do not matter, it can be green and purple dots for all I care.)

Now imagine each Red Dot represents the angry, vengeful, unenlightened, selfish-minded, individuals.


The Blue Dots represent the more open-minded, selfless, enlightened, compassionate people like you and me.


I firmly believe that we slow our progress by focusing way too hard on converting Red Dots to Blue Dots.


In fact, we would be far better served by simply focusing more on remaining a Blue Dot to set examples for Red Dots to become enlightened, while inspiring other Blue Dots to not give up.


As an example, if you were on the road and noticed someone driving aggressively, swerving over the lines without blinkers, and cutting people off... usually the instinct is to high-beam or honk at the person to teach them a lesson and show them that they're being an ass.


This in itself is not heroic; it's vengeful behavior more suited for a Red Dot.


Instead, I think we actually do MUCH more for society by simply making sure we always use our blinker, stay within the lines, and do the speed limit, or let someone over when they're trying to change lanes.


Perhaps a parent in the car behind you will lean over to their child and say "Now see, sweetie, THAT'S an example of a good driver. There are nice people out there."


I actually DO think you can change the world simply by being the example, rather than trying to intercept bad examples all day.


In my doesn't really matter how many Red Dots are on the map, as long as ONE Blue Dot remains, they can never win.


And that's very important.

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