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Are You Authentic?

Don’t ever confuse being authentic with originality. They are not the same.


I know many artists whose quest it is to be original. This nebulous word “original” is very misleading.


We try so hard to be original as creators. This in itself opposes authenticity, as it requires a conscious effort to be “something” in relation to others by trying to be “different” from everyone else.


This converts the “who you are” to the “what you are.” And this is a setup for disappointment.


Be WHO you are, freely, without worrying about “what” you are, (or what they view you as) and with that authentic approach, you will find your originality.


The truth is - you already are different from everyone else by just being you. It’s your superpower. Don’t try so hard.


Write stuff YOU like. Paint stuff YOU find beautiful. Sing music you would listen to on repeat. It actually doesn’t matter if someone else has created something similar before, if you express it exactly how YOU feel it - it’s already different.

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