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Welcome to the green room!  As many of you know, I am a Full-Time musician, and perform well over 300 shows a year.  Being FULLY independent (and proud of it), I definitely have my own slightly unique approach to my career from Practice, to Show Prep, Training, Booking, etc....and without fail, all results in a lot of entertaining stories!

Over the years, in various hangouts with other musicians, many topics and questions get thrown around (both by and to me); "How do you sing so hard for so long?", "How do you get a 4-5 octave range...", "What's your favorite kind of gig"..."What's the craziest thing you've seen at a show...", "Is head-voice the same as mixed?"..etc....   So I've put together this little hang-suite to share any/everything that has come up in these hangs!

This is a blog I have put together to cover all sorts of things regarding my personal perspectives on music and performing, from lessons, to tips/hacks, to making money, to dealing with getting sick, to funny road stuff.  Hopefully we'll share some insight, maybe a good laugh, and hey, maybe even share the stage at some point!

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